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Gnomand | passport background right
Kika | Gnomad

220 x 110 x 540 mm

  • Beads
  • Hand knitted wool
Owner's Name:
Looking for a home!
Artist Name:
Erica Lüttich
Gnomand | Citizen of the World
Gnomand | passport background left

Knitted from donated wool and created as an alternative to the ugly white dolls with yellow hair smelling funnily we seem to choose for our children from the shopping malls.

She is a little more mature with a more realness and roundness to her body, unlike the long legged thin smooth dolls that do not really represent women's bodies.

The image of these vastly over simplified plastic dolls leaves most young girls feeling inadequate and with a low self esteem

Kika, the she-Gnome, is trying to just be fun soft and full of a little naughtiness.

Gnomand | passport background left
Kika in Linden
South Africa
Gnomand | passport background left