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Time Traveller

Gnomand | passport background right
Time Traveller | Gnomad
Time Traveller

130 x 130 x 470 mm

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Wire
Owner's Name:
Looking for a home!
Artist Name:
Ronel Wheeler
Gnomand | Citizen of the World
Gnomand | passport background left

From the deep dark black void, that is ALL and where all emerges from, All possibilities live for a while to dance in different spheres and planes, this ancient Time Traveller, popped up in Linden.

Still emerging and still in formation, strings still coagulating to bring all of him into this reality.

Joyous and filled with anticipation, he wishes to travel this world in order to take back with him,
impressions and resonances of this beautiful blue and green world we call Home.

Gnomand | passport background left
Time Traveller in Linden
South Africa
Gnomand | passport background left