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Wee Falorie Man' (aka Seamus)

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Gnomad | Wee Falorie Man' (aka Seamus)
Wee Falorie Man' (aka Seamus)

130 x 150 x 420 mm

  • Cement Painted
Owner's Name:
Looking for a home!
Artist Name:
Ann-Marie Tully
Gnomand | Citizen of the World
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  • I am the wee falorie man
    A rattling, roving Irishman,
    I can do all that ever you can
    For I am the wee falorie man.
  • I have a sister Mary Ann
    She washes her face in the frying pan,
    And out she goes to hunt for a man
    I have a sister Mary Ann.
  • I am a good old working man,
    Each day I carry a wee tin can
    A large penny bap and a clipe of ham
    I am a good old working man.

The Wee Falorie Man is an Irish children's song (lyrics above). The brief of a travelling gnome, made me think of leprechauns (gnome like Irish folk with some dodgy reputations); and the idea of 'travelling' and 'Irishness' is synonymous with Irish Travellers: trailer-gypsey-folk made (in)famous in Guy Richie's movie Snatch (2000). This Wee Falorie Man longs to travel with you, most especially if you have a trailer;)!

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Seamus in Linden
South Africa
Seamus in Cape Town
South Africa
Seamus in London
United Kingdom
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