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Past Events

Aardklop 2015 – The Games People Play; Gordon Froud - No matter how you paint it, it fits together

Curated by Gordon Froud & John Yannis Generalis, co-curator Doreen de Klerk

Games are the way we learn to interact, from early developmental stages; they are an integral part of human nature and a building block of our social and mental growth. The games we play could be nostalgic games of our childhood or may not imply fun or enjoyment at all. Games have a dynamic quality whether they are child’s play or the grimmest of all games – war! 

Games People Play - Art exhibition, The Corner Shop, Linden

On Saturday 6th of June 2015 we opened our art exhibition themed, “Games People Play”.

Games People Play is the title of a protest song by Joe South whose lyrics speak against various forms of hate, hypocrisy, inhumanity, and intolerance, both interpersonal and social.

Subsequently we asked Johannesburg and Pretoria-based artists to think of situations that deal with the "games" human beings play in interacting with one another.

Art exhibition Easter 2015 at the Corner Shop Linden

This Easter we have asked artists to create artworks related to our Easter theme.

We are asking an age-old question... adjusted a bit..

What came first?

The bunny or the egg

We gave artists the option to use a ceramic bunny and/or an ostrich egg to create their artworks with. They were given free range to create two- or three dimensional artworks using any material.

Hop on in to The Corner Shop (Linden) Thursday, 2 April 2015 at 18:00 to meet the artists and enjoy a glass of wine with us.

Event | Heartless 2015 | The Corner Shop

"Still Heartless"

For the second year running, the team at Corner Shop, hosted a post-Valentines art exhibition.
The huge success of this humorous albeit cynical lil' art show (in aflower shop in Linden) last February, returns and is aptly named " still Heartless" for 2015.