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External Events

The Corner Shop in Linden is the creative headquarters for siblings, Melissa Generalis and John Yannis Generalis. The retail and office space was founded in 2012 and serve the purpose to include all their creative endeavours. It acts as an incubator for innovative ideas and imaginative concepts.

As a proffesional artist, John Yannis Generalis saw potential in extending the retails space to offer proffesional and young and upcoming artists a platform to showcase their artworks and started doubling the space as a art gallery. The concept of a gallery space has developed to include other original projects and collaborations.

In June of 2015 a successful run of an exhibition by the title, “The Games People Play” was hosted and we realized that the potential for this exhibition is much bigger. The concept resonated very strongly with a lot of artists and we wanted to explore the creative possibilities even further by including more artists and also showcasing it to another/ broader audience.